Medicare Supplement plans are administered by private insurance companies and can cover expenses that Original Medicare may not cover. These expenses can include deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. They can also provide coverage for services that may not be covered by Original Medicare such as excess charges from Medicare Part B and emergency health care while traveling out of the country.

Choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan 

Most individuals can obtain a Medicare Supplement plan when they first become eligible for Medicare. This can be referred to as their open enrollment period and can last for six months. After this time, coverage may not be guaranteed, and a higher premium may be charged. Here are some important things to know when choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan.

  • Supplement plans in all states can offer the same basic coverage, but some may offer extra coverage that can vary from state to state.
  • Medicare Supplement plans may not include prescription drug coverage.
  • These plans may not be purchased without having Original Medicare.
  • Individuals choosing supplement plans may have to pay a premium for Original Medicare Part B and a premium for the Medicare Supplement plan.
  • Individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan may not enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan unless they cancel Medicare Advantage and re-enroll in Original Medicare.
  • Policies can be sold by private insurance companies.
  • Individuals can choose the type of plan that best suits their needs.

Cost of Supplement Plans

The cost of a Medicare Supplement plan can vary from state to state. It can depend on the type of coverage obtained in the plan. Although each state may offer the same basic coverage, the extended coverage available to individuals can vary from state to state and may also vary from insurance company to insurance company. The actual cost to an individual may vary depending on the type of coverage obtained. Our insurance agent skilled in Medicare Supplement plans can help you choose the best plan that may suit your needs.


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