Avoid the Audit: Use the Best Tax Return Preparer in Oxnard

While it is impossible to completely avoid an audit by the IRS, using the best tax return preparer in Oxnard can significantly reduce your chances of catching the government’s attention. A pro preparer can spot any trouble areas on your tax forms that may serve as an audit flag. These areas include:

  • Missing data. If you did a side job and lost the 1099-MISC or forgot to report the dividends on your 1099-INT, the IRS will notice and so will your tax preparer. He or she will make sure the paperwork and the numbers on the forms match.
  • Incorrect deductions and credits. The amount and type of deductions and credits you are allowed to claim can change every year. Use the best tax return preparer in Oxnard to insure you have the right ones.
  • Business loss: It could be that your business sustains a loss every year. However, the IRS looks askance at businesses or individuals that continually lose money. Your preparer can make sure your losses are legit and help you find ways to report them on your forms correctly.

The Details Matter

In addition to the above, an experienced tax preparer will check the small things, such as math and social security numbers. When dealing with the IRS, the details count.