Tax Representation in Oxnard: Do Not Face Your Audit Alone

Audit defense, or tax audit representation, is where a tax professional stands on behalf of a taxpayer during an income tax or IRS tax audit. If you are audited by the IRS, to have tax representation in Oxnard may be crucial.

You’ve Been Audited, What’s Next? 

When an audit happens, don’t panic. Most audits are simply a letter requesting more information about your tax returns. In other cases, you may have to meet with an agent about your tax forms. Stay calm, don’t ignore the letter and write back as soon as possible.

Choose Tax Representation 

In some cases, an audit may be more complicated than sending in your 1099 forms. In these cases, look for an enrolled agent. Excella Tax, for instance, provides IRS audit representation in Oxnard. An enrolled agent has experience dealing with IRS and state audits. If you have never handled an audit before, this will make your experience easier. Many taxpayers become intimidated during an audit. A representative will ease your mind.

IRS representation in Oxnard takes some of the burden off the taxpayer. Tax representation helps prepare your case. In addition, if you have representation, you can trust that the firm has the experience and knowledge to ensure that you come out of your audit with success.