Can a Healthcare Enrollment Agent Help You Navigate the Covered California Enrollment Process?

A lack of health insurance coverage can be an unsettling reality for many Californians. Covering the costs for basic medical, dental and vision check-ups without insurance has the capacity to set back the family budget for years, if not decades. A serious illness or accident can be even more expensive. Many employers provide adequate coverage for medical necessities, but for those who do not have insurance, there is Covered California. Getting covered is easy with help from a healthcare enrollment agent near Oxnard. They can help direct you through these coverage basics on your way towards enrollment.

  • Four coverage levels. Insurance plans are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The Bronze level pays 60% of medical bills while leaving the remaining 40% for the insured to pay. Platinum pays 90% while leaving the remainder for the insured. The other levels fall in between. 
  • Essential health benefits. All plans now cover these basic benefits that fit into 10 different categories including emergency services, mental health and maternity care. Pediatric services are also part of these essential benefits. 
  • Dental and Vision coverage. Adult supplemental dental plans are available through Covered California and vision coverage is arranged through third party carriers. As part of the essential benefits, child dental and vision coverage is included in all plans. 

Health, Dental, Vision insurance through Covered California doesn’t have to be confusing. Consult with a healthcare enrollment agent today to find the plan for you.


4 Ways to Make Healthcare Enrollment Easy

Healthcare enrollment is an incredibly important process because it gives Americans who do not have insurance through an employer or other programs the chance to purchase health insurance to cover medical expenses in the coming year. For many people, enrollment can seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are various steps you can take or get help from California certified insurance agents to ensure that the enrollment process is as simple as possible.

Take Note of Important Dates 

Before healthcare enrollment begins, take time to look at the deadlines. Missing out on enrollment can be detrimental and can mean spending unnecessary time and stress trying to enroll in the right healthcare program. Knowing when enrollment begins and ends will ensure that you don’t miss any major deadlines, and you can make sure any questions or concerns you have are answered before the enrollment deadline ends. 

Examine Different Plans 

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, makes healthcare accessible to anyone, regardless of whether or not a person has pre-existing health conditions. Obamacare enrollment gives consumers different healthcare options from which to choose. Depending on your financial status and your needs, you may qualify for different plans. Finding the plan that offers you coverage you need at a cost you can afford is incredibly important, which is why it’s essential to view your options early in the Obamacare enrollment process . 

Sign Up Early 

Instead of scrambling to make an account just before you plan to start the healthcare enrollment process, sign up for an account ahead of time. This will give you time to enter the appropriate data and find any information you need without having to feel pressured by time constraints. Overall, you’ll be able to choose the right coverage for you the sooner you sign up for Obamacare enrollment. 

Get help from Certified Enroller 

If you need help with your application, eligibility and enrollment process, Covered California Certified Insurance Agents in your local areas can provide expert free help. They are licensed by the California Department of Insurance to provide professional insurance information that fit your health choice and financial situation.


The healthcare enrollment process doesn’t have to be difficult. By having affordable healthcare that fits your needs, you can maintain your wellbeing and improve your quality of life.