Three Reasons to Work with a Covered California Certified Agent for Your Healthcare Enrollment Process

In order to maintain and better your health, it’s important to have reliable healthcare. However, the process of signing up for Covered California healthcare can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Working with a Covered California enrollment agent can help you through the enrollment process and choose the right affordable plan. 

  1. Save Time and Avoid Stress 

Without the help of an agent, reviewing healthcare plans can be a time-consuming process. Delaying the decision will only add to your stress and signing up for a healthcare plan without knowing details about the plan can result in further anxiety down the road. By talking to an agent, you can avoid wasting energy and time going over plans that won’t be helpful to you and will instead quickly be shown your choices for healthcare coverage. 

  1. Find the Right Plan 

There are various health plan options under Covered California and choosing between different healthcare plans can be challenging. However, a healthcare enrollment agent will explain to you the differences between plans. Working with someone who has an in-depth understanding of a variety of plans will help you better understand your coverage options. You can compare one plan to another and can choose the plan that meets your health needs. 

  1. Learn About Premium Assistance 

As important as healthcare is, many people are reluctant to sign up because they believe it will be expensive. However, you can sign up for healthcare and receive excellent coverage without breaking the bank. A knowledgeable enrollment agent will guide you through the enrollment process and will present you with plans at different price points. Additionally, your agent can help you find the affordable plans with premium assistance if you may qualify. 

Signing up for healthcare doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s important to find a healthcare plan that will benefit you the most, and a Covered California enrollment agent will work with you to ensure that you find the best plan for you while making sure the healthcare enrollment process is quick and stress-free.

How to Decide Between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance

Navigating the Medicare space can be an arduous task. With Medicare advantage and Medicare Supplement packages covering various parts of the medical billing apparatus, it can be difficult to know what you need. This article can help you decide if either of these plans may be advantageous for your situation.

What Is a Medigap Policy?

Medicare Supplement Plans like Medigap can be a smart way to go if Original Medicare is your policy of choice. These supplemental plans are essentially private insurance options that help to cover the gaps that exist in Original Medicare like coinsurance, copays or deductibles. In order to purchase a Medigap policy, you’ll need to have Medicare Parts A and B. Combining Original Medicare with this type of supplemental plan can generally keep most medical expenses covered by insurance.

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Flexibility

Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage Plans have been an alternative option to Original Medicare since 2003. These plans are administered by private insurance and paid for by the government. Medicare Advantage Plans can provide for greater flexibility because they allow PPO and HMO options, opening up a greater range of services and available doctors. One drawback of this option is that premiums can vary from year-to-year because private companies determine them. When the benefits outweigh the costs, this can be disregarded, but it should be taken into consideration.

Choosing a Medicare plan that works for you can take time and research. Considering the benefits and costs that you anticipate can help you to reach a decision.

Can a Healthcare Enrollment Agent Help You Navigate the Covered California Enrollment Process?

A lack of health insurance coverage can be an unsettling reality for many Californians. Covering the costs for basic medical, dental and vision check-ups without insurance has the capacity to set back the family budget for years, if not decades. A serious illness or accident can be even more expensive. Many employers provide adequate coverage for medical necessities, but for those who do not have insurance, there is Covered California. Getting covered is easy with help from a healthcare enrollment agent near Oxnard. They can help direct you through these coverage basics on your way towards enrollment.

  • Four coverage levels. Insurance plans are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The Bronze level pays 60% of medical bills while leaving the remaining 40% for the insured to pay. Platinum pays 90% while leaving the remainder for the insured. The other levels fall in between. 
  • Essential health benefits. All plans now cover these basic benefits that fit into 10 different categories including emergency services, mental health and maternity care. Pediatric services are also part of these essential benefits. 
  • Dental and Vision coverage. Adult supplemental dental plans are available through Covered California and vision coverage is arranged through third party carriers. As part of the essential benefits, child dental and vision coverage is included in all plans. 

Health, Dental, Vision insurance through Covered California doesn’t have to be confusing. Consult with a healthcare enrollment agent today to find the plan for you.


Reasons to Employ an Insurance, Tax and Bookkeeping Company

Running a business can be a challenging and rewarding process but juggling the various types of paperwork can be difficult. Incorrectly filling out tax or insurance information or not adequately bookkeeping can be disastrous. However, hiring a one-stop shop for your insurance, tax and bookkeeping needs can help you run your business well.

Save Time

You know that time is valuable in your business and wasting time can be costly. Delegating tasks to different people and being able to retrieve insurance, tax or bookkeeping information as needed can be incredibly time-consuming. If anything is lost or has to be redone, more time will be lost. By hiring one company to fill out forms and file information, you can spend your time focusing on other elements of your business. 

Guarantee Quality Work 

You and your employees know how to manage your business, but when it comes to filing taxes, preparing financial papers and completing forms, you and your employees may feel overwhelmed and bogged down with information. Hiring experts in the field will ensure you receive everything on time. Working with one company also ensures that the quality of work will be consistent, making everything easier to process, document and organize.

Keep Everything in One Place

Managing a wide variety of information can be difficult when you own a business and hiring out several different companies to manage your insurance, taxes and bookkeeping can create more problems. Instead of spending more money by hiring multiple businesses to manage this information, finding one company that handles all of your information is far more practical.

A one-stop shop for your insurance, tax and bookkeeping needs will help your business run more efficiently. You’ll save time, receive accurate, consistent work and will be well-organized when you employ one company to manage your business’s most important information.

3 Reasons to Consider Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare is an incredibly helpful tool that many people use every year to help manage their health. However, Medicare does not cover all expenses and unexpected health events can be costly. Medicare supplement plans can help cover the cost of other expenses not covered by Medicare alone. 

Choose Your Plan 

There are various Medicare supplement plans that you can choose from, allowing you to select the plan that is most helpful to you. If you know you don’t require a great deal of additional coverage, your monthly premium is unlikely to be too high. Alternatively, if you know that you require a lot of extra coverage due to various expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover, you can pay a higher premium and get greater coverage. 

Save on Medical Expenses 

Many people choose to purchase a Medicare supplement plan because Medicare coverage can still leave you with thousands of dollars owed due to medical expenses. Expenses such as eye exams, dental care and more are often not covered by Medicare, but these examinations are important to have in order to maintain your overall health. By having a supplement plan, many of the gaps in Medicare will be covered, giving you the opportunity to seek out better healthcare while saving money. 

Coverage Regardless of Health Status 

Finding coverage for pre-existing health conditions doesn’t have to be difficult with Medicare supplement plans. As long as you apply before the enrollment period ends, you will be covered even if your health drastically changes. Additionally, applying prior to the end of supplement enrollment will guarantee that you won’t be charged more for existing health conditions.

Medicare supplement plans can greatly reduce the amount of money you pay due to medical expenses, and you can choose your plan and can be confident in the fact that you will be covered even if you become ill. These plans can be essential in improving your health and your quality of life.

Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare advantage plans – you may have heard about them on a commercial or in a magazine ad. But understanding exactly what they are requires a bit of research. Whether you are nearing eligibility or already have Medicare coverage and want to know more, this article can help you to understand the pros and cons of advantage plans and whether choosing one is right for you.

Provided by the federal government, standard Medicare covers hospital care and outpatient services through two programs called Part A and Part B. The government sets your copayments and it all works much like with private insurance.

Since 2003, however, Medicare advantage has been another option. Here are some of the main things that make Medicare advantage plans, also knowns as Part C, different from standard Medicare.

Advantage Plans Are Privately Administered

One of the major differences is that advantage plans are administered by private insurance companies that must be designated as providers by Medicare. Providers are paid to cover your costs under rules set by the government. This allows them to offer a higher level of flexibility, such as HMOs and PPOs. For many people, this is a great pro.

Prices Can Vary

Unlike standard Medicare, the prices for these plans are set by private insurance companies instead of the federal government. Plans and premium costs can change annually since they aren’t capped by the government. As a result, your out-of-pocket costs may be higher, which is a real drawback for many people.

Benefits May Be Better

One of the benefits of these plans is expanded coverage beyond what original Medicare offers. That can mean vision coverage, dental plans or even prescription coverage, often for a better price than typical private insurance.

Picking medical coverage is a big decision and choosing Medicare coverage can be particularly tricky. Consider these pros and cons when deciding on Medicare advantage plans and you’ll feel confident in your choice.


4 Ways to Make Healthcare Enrollment Easy

Healthcare enrollment is an incredibly important process because it gives Americans who do not have insurance through an employer or other programs the chance to purchase health insurance to cover medical expenses in the coming year. For many people, enrollment can seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are various steps you can take or get help from California certified insurance agents to ensure that the enrollment process is as simple as possible.

Take Note of Important Dates 

Before healthcare enrollment begins, take time to look at the deadlines. Missing out on enrollment can be detrimental and can mean spending unnecessary time and stress trying to enroll in the right healthcare program. Knowing when enrollment begins and ends will ensure that you don’t miss any major deadlines, and you can make sure any questions or concerns you have are answered before the enrollment deadline ends. 

Examine Different Plans 

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, makes healthcare accessible to anyone, regardless of whether or not a person has pre-existing health conditions. Obamacare enrollment gives consumers different healthcare options from which to choose. Depending on your financial status and your needs, you may qualify for different plans. Finding the plan that offers you coverage you need at a cost you can afford is incredibly important, which is why it’s essential to view your options early in the Obamacare enrollment process . 

Sign Up Early 

Instead of scrambling to make an account just before you plan to start the healthcare enrollment process, sign up for an account ahead of time. This will give you time to enter the appropriate data and find any information you need without having to feel pressured by time constraints. Overall, you’ll be able to choose the right coverage for you the sooner you sign up for Obamacare enrollment. 

Get help from Certified Enroller 

If you need help with your application, eligibility and enrollment process, Covered California Certified Insurance Agents in your local areas can provide expert free help. They are licensed by the California Department of Insurance to provide professional insurance information that fit your health choice and financial situation.


The healthcare enrollment process doesn’t have to be difficult. By having affordable healthcare that fits your needs, you can maintain your wellbeing and improve your quality of life.